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Bodrum 2000
This site is for anyone under 30
or over 30, who wants a Wild Vacation in Turkey

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Holiday Read
Historical Fiction
Set in Byzantine Turkey

One For Sorrow Order

One for Sorrow - Reed, Mary & Eric Mayer - ISBN: 1-890208-19-1 Hardcover $23.95

House of the
Virgin Mary
The True Story 

The Discovery of the House of the Virgin Mary in Turkey

RETURNING IN 2001 - By Special Request...

KUSADASI September 06 to 23

Long John Condoms
Protection For the Well Hung




OK, so Turkey is rich in ancient architecture and has an historical cultural background exceeding that of Greece. A beautiful country of contrasts, of mountains,  primitive agriculture and pine forests, where untouched ancient ruins can be found seemingly in the middle of nowhere. A country of welcoming people and where almost every recreational, touristic and sporting activity can be found


But what if all you want is somewhere to shed the normality of everyday life, a place to party and dance all night long, to meet new partners, to sleep until mid-afternoon, then spend a couple of hours checking the evenings possibilities on the beach before joining  the party again

THE PLAN If the Wilder Side of Turkey appeals to you, then Bodrum is definitely the place where you have to be. Some of the most sophisticated bars and discoth√®ques anywhere around the Mediterranean are here, jostling with each other to be the biggest, the most exclusive, the most sophisticated, the loudest and most definitely the venue in which to be seen  

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